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“Opening the Pathways to Vitality”. The meridian pathways of the human body were mapped out by gifted healers in China thousands of years ago. Working with this invisible energy (known as Qi or Ki) that flows through these pathways, they were able to heal illness. Perhaps more importantly, they were able to support vitality in ways that prevent illness and encourage wellness. See how a massage therapist in Moon Twp could help you.

What is Meridian Massage in Moon Twp?

Vitality is an expression of energy. Our body, mind, and spirit all depend on Qi. The quantity, quality, and flow of our Qi result in our state of health. Meridian massage is a hands-on western application of this ancient wisdom to balance mind, body, and spirit for health and happiness.

Knowing how to work directly with energy opens a peaceful dimension for massage therapists and bodyworkers to access through their work. An organized and practical integration of modern energy work and ancient Chinese medicine, meridian massage can complement any form of hands-on healing. Meridian massage combines detailed anatomical understanding of the meridians and acupoint locations with the sensitivity of the practitioner.

Meridian massage is based fully in the belief that we are part of something greater than ourselves and that as practitioners, we participate in this greater wisdom. Meridian massage can be utilized by any hands-on practitioner in any environment and compliments any type of massage or chakra clearing.

Meridian massage seeks to balance Yin & Yang within a human being and there are countless possible meeting points in our inner worlds. When our inner world is one of peace and harmony, we set the stage for our physical, emotional, and mental health. For there to be peace and harmony, there must be communication and that’s where meridian massage comes in. A meeting point is a place where left and right, conscious and unconscious, body and energy, sympathetic and parasympathetic, activity and stillness, “good” and “bad”, literally face one another to mediate their differences in service to the “greater good”.

Each therapist is a person with an inner world. The relative balance and harmony within the practitioner has the greatest impact on their hands-on work. This inner harmony (or disharmony) has a bigger impact than the types of massage they have learned, the degrees they possess, or the years they have been practicing. This is why receiving a massage from different massage therapists feels so different. It is because the inner state of the therapists is different.


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