Contraindications for Massage in Moon Twp

Chiropractic Moon Twp PA Contraindictions

Take a look at some of the contraindications for massage in Moon Twp.

Here are the Contraindications for Massage in Moon Twp

  • Fever or coming in during the first 2 days of any cold, flu, or illness no matter how mild it may seem. (NOTE: These were Contraindications for massage even BEFORE Covid 19! Coming in when you are sick can actually WORSEN your symptoms due to the increased circulation of blood and lymph and lymphatic drainage during massage.)
  • After surgery without a doctor’s written consent.
  • During the first days, or acute stage, of a “severe” injury. See a doctor & obtain written consent.
  • Skin Conditions/Diseases especially if you have a contagious skin eruption or MRSA. This is for YOUR protection. You would not be happy if a therapist spread a small infection all over your body.
  • Athletes Foot – If you have athlete’s foot, keep your socks on and notify therapist. You may still receive a full body massage minus your feet until the infection is cleared.
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol including addictive prescription pain medications.
  • Pregnancy especially during the first 3 months or 1st Trimester. You may receive pregnancy massage from months 4-9 by a specially trained therapist.
  • Any Open Wounds, Bleeding or Scabbing.
  • Severe Varicose Veins or Blood Clots
  • Pitting Edema – meaning if you touch your ankles and your fingerprint stays indented for several seconds unless written consent from a doctor
  • Cancer – except for “Oncology Massage” which must be performed by a specially trained therapist in that modality OR written consent from your doctor. Metastatic cancer is always contraindicated & if you have had recent chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.
  • Osteoporosis unless written consent by a doctor
  • Psychotic Conditions unless written consent by a mental health provider
  • Pacemakers unless written consent by a doctor
  • Epilepsy unless written consent by a doctor
  • Severe Undiagnosed Pain, Lumps or Bumps unless written consent by a doctor
  • Lice or Scabies – Cancel and reschedule once it has been cleared up.


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