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See how a deep tissue massage in Moon Twp can help you.

What is Deep Tissue Massage in Moon Twp?

Beneficial for treating specific areas of the body, especially distorted body areas. Typically uses elbows, knuckles, or fingers working with slow, deep movements across fibers of muscles and tendons. This will restrict and release blood to the muscle, re-engaging the tissue with fresh oxygen and removing more complex knots in the muscle fibers. Sometimes massage accessory tools may also be used to address the deep tissues and protect the therapist’s hands from injury. Static pressure may also be used to release tension in a muscle or group of muscles.

You might think Deep Tissue massage involves heavy pressure, but that’s not always how it goes. Deep muscles can be relaxed “even with light pressure” but precise skills by the therapist are required to do so. This massage aims at the problems in the deep tissue areas and that’s how the name came to be. There is some controversy over this in the massage profession as often clients come in under the assumption that deep tissue means if they aren’t in pain from excessive force, then the therapist isn’t helping them. This is a very big misconception that can be cleared up through simple education that the term Deep Tissue refers to the fact that a therapist is addressing problems “deep in the tissue” and NOT to have clients leaving with more pain than they came in with!


  • Posture Improvement &/or Correction
  • Relief of Acute or Chronic Inflammation
  • Relief of Chronic Pain
  • Helps Fascial Adhesions
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety caused by chronic pain or illness
  • Speeds Recovery from Sports Injuries
  • Breaks Down Scar Tissue


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