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Are you looking for a non-invasive way to get rid of those stubborn areas of your body that won't go away no matter how much dieting and cardio you do? Then look no further than Thorn Run Chiropractic! We are offering the revolutionary EMSCULPT NEO body sculpting treatments in Moon Twp PA. EMSCULPT NEO is one of the most effective, safe and comfortable ways to target those stubborn fat areas.

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What is Emsculpt Neo in Moon Twp?

EMSCULPT NEO is an advanced device that uses two different energy sources.

  1. Low-frequency radio waves target superficial and deep tissue fat layers.
  2. High-intensity focused electromagnetic field to cause supramaximal muscle contractions to build up the underlying muscles of that area.

It's non-invasive, painless and takes only 30 minutes per session!

The best part? You should see visible results after 4 treatments in most cases with ongoing improvements up to 3 months. Plus, each treatment helps break down fat cells while stimulating muscle contractions that help tone up underlying muscles. EMSCULPT NEO is ideal to target those stubborn fat areas all while building/toning those underlying muscles.

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